MikroTik Wireless Mac Authentication using Userman

Configure in NAS / Access Point (IP address a.b.c.d)
Configure wireless to connect with wireless authentication

interface wireless security-profiles
add name=radius mode=none radius-mac-authentication=yes radius-mac-accounting=yes set radius-mac-mode=as-username

Configure radius client

add address=w.x.y.z secret=s3cr3t service=wireless timeout=600ms
/radius incoming
set accept=yes

Configure RADIUS SERVER (IP address w.x.y.z)

/tool user-manager router
add name=NAS1 coa-port=3799 customer=admin ip-address=a.b.c.d shared-secret=s3cr3t use-coa=yes
/tool user-manager profile profile limitation
add name=limit1
/tool user-manager profile profile
add name=profile1 limitation=limit1
/tool user-manager user
add customer=admin username=70:56:81:B5:6F:61 actual-profile=profile1

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